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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

NRA Forgives Fake Shootings?

By "Barry Soetoro, Esq"

Where's NRA on these questionable shootings?

Most recently, Vester Lee Flanagan "killed two journalists" on Live TV, but changed clothes mid-attack:

Were those slain journalists (Alison Parker and Adam Ward) actually Crisis Actors – shown here with fake injuries? How about Chris Hurst (Parker's "boyfriend") worshipping his pictures and flubbing his lines on Anderson Cooper? Many believe this Virginia TV "shooting" was faked, using multiple takes.

Watch Dr Ron Martinelli (Criminologist) confront Megyn Kelly about false narratives, including Ferguson's "Hands up, don't shoot" lie:

Why does NRA pretend Fake Shootings are real? Perhaps NRA missed these episodes of Gun Grab Roadshow:

Charleston, SC

The SAME DAY traitors crammed TPP through the House of Representatives, they distracted you with the (fake) "Black Church Shooting" in Charleston. That way, you're looking at the hoax instead of the Treason (TPP). The Mayor of Charleston (Joseph P Riley) just happens to be retiring soon – and belongs to Bloomberg's gun-hoax group (MAIG).

Charleston's star actor may have been 33-year-old John Christian Graas. A Hollywood child actor who appeared on STAR TREK and SEINFELD, Graas is a registered US Marine.

Charleston details are sketchy, but one thing is certain – DHS didn't study under Vidal Sassoon:

Columbine, CO

Columbine High School (1999) is the granddaddy of school shootings. But video evidence suggests Columbine might be fake.

Few know that Columbine used plastic dummies as "victims."

Here, watch personnel drag a "gunshot victim" (plastic dummy) across the lawn – and dump "her" behind the emergency truck (to finish dying). A real victim might have a pulse – and survive. But this Columbine dummy gets dragged – and abandoned – after the 4:00 mark:

On the Columbine school roof, we notice an Evaluator following the SWAT team equipped with high quality AR optics. He loiters – not worried about stray gunfire (because the shooting is fake). Here, the Evaluator makes notes on his clipboard – because the Columbine "massacre" was a drill:

Michael Moore's propaganda film, Bowling For Columbine, ignores evidence that Columbine "hero teacher" William David Sanders is fictional. Sanders "died" trying to save Columbine students. But all photographs of William David Sanders (including newspaper clippings) are clumsy Photoshops. Find them online, and zoom to see sloppy edits (Razor-sharp lines across eyes/glasses; Altered nose/ears):

Oddly, William David Sanders resembles Dr Chris Kaufmann (Director of Trauma, Forbes Regional Hospital) in Monroeville, PA. Dr Kaufmann seems to attract bizarre shootings and stabbings. Odder still, both men (Sanders and Kaufmann) resemble "Dr Conspiracy," the infamous "OBOT" defender of Obama's forged birth certificate. Search for yourself: Zooming confirms that Dr Conspiracy's "candid snapshots" look Photo-shopped too.

Houston, TX

Do Fake Shootings really fool NRA? I predicted the Cassidy Stay shooting two weeks before it happened (when DHS advertised for Crisis Actors):

Marysville, WA

The Marysville High School shooting included a plot twist: The shooter wasn't a nerd. The Marysville Maniac was the popular "Homecoming Prince."

Oddly, Marysville happened exactly 11 days before the 2014 Midterm Elections. And what was on the ballot there, in Washington State? Mike Bloomberg and Bill Gates "Spent $8 million to make sure Washington's controversial gun control bill, Initiative 594, [would] appear on the state's November ballot and that voters [would] be flooded with anti-gun propaganda in the lead up."

In other words, Washington State voters were clobbered by the horrific "Marysville gun tragedy" 11 days before voting:

Initiative 594 won, expanding background checks beyond the national standard. Initiative 591 (the rival bill, limiting background checks to the national standard) was defeated. Would this attack on your Second Amendment rights have succeeded without the Marysville "shooting" terrorizing voters 11 days before the election?

Many feel the Marysville "shooting" was State Terror. Its (i) Location (Washington State) and (ii) Schedule (eleven days before 2014 Midterms) seem carefully chosen to cram Initiative 594 into law by terrorizing the public. That would be Soviet tactics – by Traitors.

The Regime will claim fake shootings are "HSEEP Drills" to "test DHS readiness." When they say that, remember that Marysville was calculated to fall 11 days before the 2014 Midterms – in the same State as Bloomberg's Initiative 594 – to subvert the election.

Aurora, CO

Mike Bloomberg's favorite gun hoax is the Aurora "Batman cinema" scam. I cover Bloomberg's love affair with Aurora HERE.

Sandy Hook, CT

In a stealth attack on Home Schooling and AR-15 rifles, the Newtown Treason, in my opinion, used ACTORS to scam us into believing kids were killed:

Some feel the Newtown Treason was funded by China – where a "school stabbing rampage" happened the SAME DAY as Sandy Hook:

The Chenpeng Village Primary School "stabbing" happened the SAME DAY as Newtown – so Communists could restrict knife purchases. China cannot ban guns – because they already did. So China is working on knives. Oddly, New York seeks to ban large knives (just like China):

Perhaps Obama's Mao-lovers cut a deal with China to disarm citizens? But China isn't the only foreign angle. Longtime gun-grabber, Veronique Pozner (aka Haller/Vabner), is listed as "Official Representative" of Switzerland. Veronique allegedly works with the Swiss Embassy in DC: 

Veronique's son "Noah" died at Sandy Hook before dying AGAIN – two years later – in another school shooting in Pakistan:

That's two deaths – for one busy boy. That boy's "uncle" is Alexis Haller – a lawyer defending the Vatican in sex-abuse lawsuits.

Veronique Pozner's first husband was allegedly Reuben Vabner, VP of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland). RBS is (allegedly) the third-dirtiest bank in the world – getting dumped by the UK government.

Veronique's second husband is supposedly Lenny Pozner – whose HONR NETWORK attacks YouTube channels showing the documentary, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT SANDY HOOK. Lenny Pozner attacked Alex Jones for showing BBC coverage of "Noah's" Pakistan memorial (second death). Then, Lenny Pozner's website was caught redirecting to NSA – vindicating folks who believe Lenny Pozner is a Sandy Hoax shill.

Another "family" is the parents of Jesse Lewis: (Mother) Scarlett Lewis and (alleged convict) Neil Heslin:

Neil Heslin is allegedly a FELON, while "mother" Scarlett Lewis chats with her dead child "from beyond the grave." Here, Scarlett pushes "Jesse's Law," a mind-control law named after her fake kid:

These bogus Sandy Hook "families" attack NRA – yet NRA won't expose them as frauds. Instead, after dozens of fake "shootings," NRA plays along.

NRA hasn't met Mr Photoshop, Adam Lanza?

NRA doesn't notice CT Governor Malloy lying about Newtown?

It's baffling how NRA ignores Newtown fraud here, here and here.

But who promotes these fake shootings – and how are they used?

Bloomberg's Felons (MAIG)

Sometimes Mike Bloomberg hangs out with fake 9/11 survivors – or says blacks shouldn't own guns.

Other times, Bloomberg promotes fake shootings. In fact, Michael Bloomberg is the "pied piper" of false flags. NRA is aware of Bloomberg's cash-happy front group, Everytown for Gun Safety. Bloomberg fed $764,000 through that group to purchase an Oregon background-check law.

But Bloomberg is also the ringleader of MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal Guns) – a scam hosted on government web servers:

50 mayors fled MAIG upon realizing Bloomberg's favorite shootings are fake. Or perhaps they fled because MAIG members started going to jail. That's right – MAIG Mayors were convicted of extortion, covering up homicides, and sexual assaults on children.

To see rap sheets of Bloomberg's henchmen (MAIG Mayors), see this handy chart. Then, follow this link and click their names: MAIG (BLOOMBERG GROUP) CRIMINAL MAYORS

As convicts subverting the Second Amendment, MAIG may qualify as a RICO organization.

MAIG crooks use Fake Shootings to pose as saviors – "protecting" us by grabbing guns. But why do MAIG Mayors risk Treason charges? Is their reward cash, or silence about their "prior bad acts?" Some believe MAIG henchmen are blackmailed or bribed. But could NRA be bribed?

We've got Fake Shootings stretching from Columbine (1999) to Charleston (2015) – plus new faux shootings each week. We've got bizarre "school stabbings" in China the SAME DAY as Sandy Hook. We've got felon Mayors (MAIG) led by ringleader Mike Bloomberg, pushing Fake Shootings.

We've caught ONE Actor at FOUR staged events.

The Sandy Hook Elementary "school evacuation" appears faked in Photoshop:

Yet where is NRA on all this? Where is the "National Rifle Association" that protects your right to bear arms?

Playing along – for some reason. NRA pretends these staged "shootings" are real.

I'm no hero. But I'm doing NRA's job, while NRA tells 5 million members "NRA protects your rights."

Columbine happened 16 years ago. That's plenty of time for NRA to blow the whistle. And if NRA didn't notice Columbine was staged, they certainly noticed Newtown – since the forged NRA certificate was planted in Nancy Lanza's home:

Also planted was NRA's Guide To The Basics of Pistol Shooting (book) – and this gun-range target, stamped "FBI USE":

Afterward, NRA announced "There is no record of a member relationship between Newtown killer Adam Lanza, nor between Nancy Lanza, A. Lanza or N. Lanza with the National Rifle Association."

Then, NRA dropped the subject.

Why wasn't NRA curious who forged that fake NRA certificate; how it popped up in the home of (boogeyman) Adam Lanza; how a shotgun magically "appeared" in Adam Lanza's car 9 hours after the fake shooting; why Lanza's car was registered to an alleged sex offender?

Some believe NRA fears coming forward because the Media will attack. But if you don't speak up after the government frames you (with forged NRA certificates in homes of fake killers), when WILL you speak up?

What is NRA Waiting For?

Is NRA waiting for FBI to arrest ACTORS playing Newtown "parents?" That might take a while – since James Comey (FBI Director) was appointed by a person using fake ID, four aliases, and a CT SSN. That person calls himself "Obama" (legal name unknown).

Is NRA waiting for DOJ? Eric Holder allegedly ran guns to Mexico – after announcing his scheme to "BRAINWASH people" against guns. Holder visited Newtown before the fake tragedy, for secret meetings.

Is NRA waiting for TVNEWS to blow the whistle? Maybe Brian Williams will investigate:

Is NRA waiting for Gun Grab Traitors to stop abusing children? Traitors use kids to fool you – but this kid blurts the truth:


Another "Newtown student" (Alexis Wasik) appears to get strong-armed on FOX News:

How is Wayne LaPierre (NRA) blind to these crime scene photos, providing evidence Sandy Hook was faked:

Bottom line? NRA won't defend us from traitors. We need to step up – and do the job NRA won't do.

Treason Trials

The Regime only seems worried about: (i) Video/documents exposing their crimes, (ii) Witnesses to their crimes, and (iii) Lawsuits showcasing those things.

That's why the Regime shuns courtrooms – because lawsuits leave a paper trail (even when the judge is dirty). Plus, the Regime can't forge "genuine proof" of all these bogus shootings. That's why ballistics look fake; stories don't match; victims/cops vanish; homes get bulldozed:

That's why Wolfgang Halbig finally obtains Newtown dashcam video – but the timecode is missing. That's why FOIA witnesses (requested by Halbig) were told: "Don't show up at the FOIA hearing."

That's why the Boston Hoaxathon was Martial Law practice – for when Americans discover Gun Grab Treason, and flip out:

Traitors know Treason Trials might happen. And Treason Trials require evidence – so the Regime is destroying that evidence.

Solution? Get video. Get documents. File FOIA requests. File lawsuits. Get them lying under oath. And go public (tell everyone).

Step one: Cancel cable TV. Defund the propaganda.

The Regime is in love with fake shootings – their Gun Grab Roadshow. They just can't let go.

Let's help them.

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Consider sharing these memes:

Word-of-mouth is waking folks up. But Gun Grab Treason is so wicked that some refuse to believe it. Fake Shootings fall apart quickly, once you scratch the surface. So consider sharing pictures from this article – asking if folks notice anything odd. Some will call you crazy, but others will spot problems with the "official story-line." We cannot rely on the corrupt Media. We can't rely on NRA. We must spread the word ourselves.

Considering a career in Fake Shootings? All you need is Photoshop and bad acting:

ALL photos of William David Sanders (hero Columbine teacher) are Photo-shopped. Search online, then Zoom.

For a bigger chart of Bloomberg's felon Mayors (MAIG), click here.

Adam Lanza (boogeyman) was created in Photoshop to terrorize you:

Adam Lanza didn't "blast his way into Sandy Hook Elementary" with a Bushmaster AR15. DHS/Police blasted the lobby window with a Police shotgun Breaching Round. See the telltale metal powder (on the lobby furniture)?

David and Francine Wheeler (parents of Newtown vicSIM "Ben Wheeler") are semi-professional ACTORS on the Gun Grab Roadshow:

The Wheelers even replaced Obama for the White House weekly address. Oddly, Francine Wheeler was the personal assistant to Maureen White (Finance Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee). Maureen White's husband is (Bloomberg crony) Steven Rattner.

Eric Holder (1995 on CSPAN): We must "BRAINWASH PEOPLE" against guns:

Nazis used the Big Lie to gain control of Europe – and murder millions. Kitty Werthmann survived the Nazi occupation of Austria. Police took away her neighborhood's guns just before the Nazis arrived. Watch her tell us: "Keep your guns – and buy more guns."

A new website exposes Monte Frank (Newtown Treason lawyer):

Actors chuckle about their dead Newtown "daughter":

Lieutenant Paul Vance shares his inner thoughts:

Barry Soetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of Barack Obama.  Barry’s Sandy Hook work was covered by the Washington Post; UK Telegraph; NY Daily News; Salon; MediaMatters; and DailyMail.


  1. New trend: Billionaires Buying Gun Control.

    "Germany's initial gun control law was passed under the Weimar Republic in December 1931, he said."

    "They passed licensing and registration requirements and so it was only a matter of going through the lists to find out who had the guns. When it passed in Germany in 1931 the Weimar authorities warned not to let the registration record fall into the wrong hands," Halbrook said.

    "Well, in February 1933 Hitler took over and the wrong hands came in and consolidated power and they were able to disarm their enemies and create a dictatorship very quickly."


  2. Mike Bloomberg also funds another gun-grabbing group: Moms Demand Action. Shannon Watts brags about that group using the same demonization tactics they used to attack cigarettes.......