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Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups broadcasts on 1330 WEBY - Gulf Coast Talk Radio. WEBY broadcasts to portions of four states on the Gulf Coast and is the most powerful AM radio station on the Gulf Coast between Tampa, FL and New Orleans, LA.  25,000 watts of mega-broadcasting power - plus we stream live over the internet and your smartphone (use TUNEINRADIO APP).  Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups has a huge regional, national, and international audience. Join us every Friday from 5-7 PM EST.        

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April 21/2017

Former Investigator MIKE ZULLO will be on the entire first HOUR with Carl Gallups today. He will give new info and deep insight into the Obama fraud BC case as well as the Sheriff Arpaio criminal court case. Zullo will set straight the FAKE NEWS about both of these matters. Calling out the frauds! Don't miss it! Mike Shoesmith, Brandon Big B. will join Carl in the second hour to give opinions and insight into all the latest headline news as well as prophetic/biblical insight.

April 14/2017

Guests - John B. Wells, Mike Shoesmith, Brandon Big B - with commentary and Resurrection Sunday teaching with Carl Gallups...

April 7/2017

Today's guests:
Kirk Weibe - Former NSA - inside scoop on what's REALLY going on! Shocking INFO! Don't miss this! (Vindicates the Arpaio/Zullo investigation announcement of "Universe Shattering.")

Alex Newman - South African Genocide against WHITES at Government incitement! (Same ones involved in race-baiting in the USA!)

March 31/2017

SPECIAL BIBLE PROPHECY SHOW! Carl and Brandon discuss the latest crucial revelations on how the prophetic pages in ancient scripture are are coming alive today - in our lifetime - in a shocking convergence you must hear.

March 24/2017

Brandon BIG B will be IN STUDIO, Mike Shoesmith, author Jake McCandless ... All the latest in news, politics, prophecy connections, biblical truths, etc.

March 17/2017

Today: Carl's updates and opinions - top events
Mike Shoesmith - PNN Exec. Editor

Bill Martinez of BILL MARTINEZ LIVE! With Carl for an hour today discussing everything in the news! Tune in!

March 10/2017

MIKE ZULLO on Freedom Friday today to discuss: UPDATE on birth certificate fraud and the latest Kenyan BC release as well as SNOPES fake news "debunking" of the Kenyan document. PLUS so much more! News and Comment from Mike Shoesmith, Brandon Gallups on the rise of BA'AL worship around the world? YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW! 

March 3/2017

Carl Interviews Jerome Corsi on the latest shadow government deep state Democrat crime families. Carl and Brandon Big "B" take over the rest of the show with amazing news and analysis you won't hear anywhere else!

Feb 24/2017

Carl is Joined by Brandon "Big B" in studio along with a live studio audience to discuss the upcoming "HEAR THE WATCHMEN PROPHECY CONFERENCE." Event organizers call in to give updates. Mike Shoesmith gives a run-down of the Shepard Smith Assignment. Brandon and Carl continue with Endtime Bible Prophecy news and information and so much more...

Feb 17/1017

Join Carl, Mike Shoesmith, Brandon Big B and Craig "The Hatchetman" Johnson on Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups

Feb 10/2017

Paul Begley Joins Carl Gallups to discuss the upcoming PROPHECY CONFERENCE! Plus Brandon Gallups speaks on the George Soros Abomination and Billionaires Fulfilling Bible Prophecy? All this and MUCH MORE!

Feb 3/2017

Great lineup - great guests - amazing conversation, insight, and breaking info you won't get anywhere else. Scott Greer, deputy editor of The Daily Caller and author of the upcoming book “No Campus For White Men,” as well as Canada's Mike Shoesmith weighing in.

Jan 27/2017

Carl Gallups, Joel Richardson (Mystery Babylon!) Mike Shoesmith and Brandon BIG B on the rise of the Dragon of Bible Prophecy and the rise of God's PEOPLE in America and around the WORLD!

Jan 20/2017

IT'S D-DAY IN AMERICA! Amazing Spiritual Symbolism at Trump's Inauguration as well as an Obama Fraud Update! Mike Shoesmith and Brandon "Big B" Join Carl for a very exciting post-inauguration show!

Jan 13/2017

Joined by Leo Hohmann (Award winning journalist), Mike Shoesmith, Brandon Big B - Carl will have insight and updates on the Obama Fraud Case as well. This will be an informative, provocative, and exciting show - GUARANTEED! Don't miss it!

Jan 6/ 2017

Brandon Gallups hosting the show today: GUEST LINEUP
Zev Porat - Israel and the "birth certificate" and more!
Mike Shoesmith - headlines news and prophecy
2nd HOUR - some of the crew from INFOWARS

Current affairs, world events, biblical connections

Dec 30/ 2016

Carl Gallups takes YOUR calls in this one-hour special including an excellent synopsis by Carl on the Obama BC FRAUD investigation!

Dec 23/2016

The TRUTH about celebrating Christmas, Christmas trees, Hanukkah, and so much MORE! Pastor and best-selling author CARL GALLUPS gives his insight from decades of study and expertise!

Dec 16/2016

IT'S A FAKE! IT'S A FORGERY! WE HAVE THE SOURCE DOCUMENT! Carl Gallups: I told you we would be vindicated. Much more to come! I promise!

Investigators find ‘source’ for Obama’s online birth certification image! Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo in Post-conference Interview!

Dec 9/2016

Mike Shoesmith and Brandon Gallups join Carl to discuss current events from around the globe. Don't miss out on this journey from the insanity taking place in France to the snowflakes of the US. PLUS a special update on the coming Obama BC conference on Dec 15th.

Dec 2/2016

Guests: Mike LeMay, Mike Shoesmith, Brandon BIG B
Topics: EVERYTHING! Listen Live at

Nov 25/2016

SPECIAL! Carl Gallups takes over the full two hours and handles the issue of Israel's existence and PROVES the existence of GOD!
Don't believe? Listen to THIS!

Nov 18/2016

Brand Big "B" is in studio with Carl Gallups to discuss the most current news - Trumps encouraging cabinet picks.
Mike Shoesmith weighs in on the global significance of Trump's election. PLUS - the gang from INFOWARS stops by to discuss Obama's push-back against so-called "FAKE" news sites!

Nov 11/2016

Carl Gallups and Mike Bates discuss the importance of America in the world; a strong America with strong leadership and a protected constitution!

Nov 4/2016

BLOCKBUSTER SHOW TODAY! All the latest in the SHOCKING news - Hillary, pedophile scandals, satanic rituals, indictments, wikileaks PLUS a MIKE ZULLO UPDATE on the Obama Fraud Investigation!

Oct 28/2016

Carl, Brandon Big B, Mike Shoesmith - PLENTY of scoop on the latest news - FBI CASE against Hillary, and much more! Don't miss it! 

Oct 21/2106

Brandon BIG B is IN STUDIO!

Mike Shoesmith joins us to talk Political Prophetic Implications
of this 2016 election cycle! AND - a caller gets a much needed

Oct 14/2016

Carl interviews - JEFF ROORDA - Jeff has appeared on ALL the major MSM networks as a police consultant ...America's War On Police ...

Mike Shoesmith and Brandon Big B join Carl with all the latest news, commentary, and opinion - DON'T MISS IT!

Oct 7/2016

Garth Kant (Miriam Cary investigative journalist and author), Mike Shoesmith, Brandon Big B - and more!

Sept 30/2016

Carl Gallups - A "Teachable Moment!" TEST: Who is this? and Why?
Mike Shoesmith - The Clinton-Lucifer Connection and MORE!
Brandon BIG B - Special Prophecy Report!

News, insight, commentary - Carl Gallups

Sept 23/2016

Carl's first guest today - Susan Knowles
Susan is a radio host (Stand For Truth), a former attorney and a licensed psychotherapist.

Plus you will hear Carl and Brandon Big B's commentary and insight! 

Sept 16/2016

Investigator Mike Zullo With Carl Gallups today. 
Trump's media statement, Hillary's false claims, the MSM false claims. Zullo will discuss the ongoing investigation, the George Soros connection to the Arpaio Federal Case and more!

Sept 9/2016

Carl's first guest - Dr. Jerome Corsi - "Partners in Crime"
Mike Shoesmith,.. Should Ben Carson be FIRED? Has he lost his MIND?
Dr. Bill Lile (ProLifeDoc)

Carl's commentary ... and MORE!

Sept 2/2016

1st segment - Carl Gallups goes off on latest Transgender lunacy!
2nd segment - Mike Shoesmith commentary - BIBLE PROPHECY!

2nd hour - Carl Gallups and Brandon BIG B - news, views, prophecy, biblical connections, etc.

Aug 26/2016

Dr. Laurie Cardoza-Moore
Michael Shoesmith and Brandon BIG B with news, views, commentary, biblical and political insight!

Aug 19/2016

Dr. Nima Sanandaji - Debunking Utopia ...
Mike Shoesmith, Brandon BIG B, top news insight and commentary.

Aug 12/2016

Daniel Horowitz - a Senior Editor at Conservative Review is Carl's first guest - talking about Judicial activism and stolen sovereignty. Mike Shoesmith, Brandon BIG B and Carl Gallups have plenty of insight and commentary on all the latest!

Aug 5/2016

Full Two hour segment - Commercial Free!
Ray Comfort - Atheist Delusion 
Mike Shoesmith - Transcendental Argument for Transgenderism
Brandon Gallups - One Hour News Analysis and MORE! 

July 29/2016

Full Two-hour Segment - Commercial Free

Guests - Bill Koenig - Washington D.C. White House News Correspondent, Mike Shoesmith, Zach Drew (Cohost - Jim Bakker Show and host of Revelation In The News).

July 22/2016

Full Two-hour Segment - Commercial Free

Guests - Laurie Cardoza-Moore (PJTN), Mike Shoesmith, Brandon BIG B, and commentary by Carl Gallups ...

July 15/2016

Full TWO HOUR SEGMENT - Commercial Free

1. Carl interviews Richard Gage - Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

2. Carl interviews Dolly Kyle - Bill Clinton's former girlfriend and lover. Author of HILLARY THE OTHER WOMAN...

3/4. Carl and Brandon interview Larry Pinkney (Former Black Panther) on BLM movement, upcoming RNC dangers, America's racial division - and then Carl and Brandon talk current events and prophecy. 

July 8/2016

Full TWO HOUR SEGMENT - Commercial Free

1. Carl takes callers on current events - Dallas Shooting et al.
2. Mike Shoesmith on humanity going "feral" and the Comey-Hillary collusion.
3/4. Carl and Brandon on Current events and Prophecy.

July 1/2016


1. Carl and Mike Zullo - Obama's selective service FRAUD
2.  Mike Shoesmith and Carl Gallups - "Conspiracy Theories"
3/4 Carl and Brandon "BIG B" on Current Events, Headline News and BIBLE PROPHECY - Demonic confrontation in New Orleans French Quarter

June 24/2016

Full TWO-HOUR Segment

1. Carl and Bill Martinez - BREXIT

2. Carl and Mike Shoesmith - Brexit and prophecy
3. Carl and Brandon BIG B - Brexit and prophecy
4. Carl and Brandon BIG B - Brexit, taking the mark, Judge is anchor baby!, and prophecy

June 17/2016

FULL TWO HOUR SEGMENT - Commercial Free!

1. Carl and Lorne Dey - America's War on GOD!
2. Mike Shoesmith on Orlando Shooting and CRAZY Sexcapades in Canada!
3/4 Carl and Brandon "BIG B" on Current Events, Headline News and BIBLE PROPHECY/Mark of the Beast Technology!

June 10/2016

FULL TWO HOUR SEGMENT - Commercial Free!

1. Carl and Zev Porat of Messiah of Israel Ministries

2. Carl and callers - SBC "Religious Liberty Issue"
3. Pastor Michael Harrington of Oregon, subject of recent WND article - under attack by Muslims, mayor, liberals, and other pastors for his church sign ... "Allah is not our God"
4.  Carl and Brandon Big B 

June 3/2016

FULL TWO HOUR SEGMENT - Commercial Free!

1. Carl and Phil Haney - Former decorated DHS Officer - whistleblower

2. Carl and Mike Shoesmith 
3. Carl and Brandon BIG B
4. Carl and Brandon BIG B

May 27/2016

FULL TWO HOUR SEGMENT - Commercial Free!

1. Carl and Bob (a caller responding to Carl's "challenge") the "bi-sexual"
2. Carl, Bob, and Mike Shoesmith
3. Carl, Bob, and Mike Shoesmith
4. Carl and Brandon BIG B

May 20/2016

FULL Two-Hour show! Without Commercial Interruptions! 

1. Gregg Jackson - national bestselling author and political/biblical media commentator ( 40 Things To Teach Your Children Before You Die)
2. Mike Shoesmith and Carl Gallups (Trump bankruptcies?)
3. Brandon Big B and Carl Gallups  - (Pope, Prophecy, Transgender, Dr. Russell Moore)
4. Brandon Big B and Carl Gallups (Pope, Prophecy, Transgender, Dr. Russell Moore)

May 13/2016

Carl Gallups and guests - Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups - Whole 2-hour show
Each 30 - minute segment ...

1. Michael Onifer - author of God, Israel, and You!
2. Mike Shoesmith and Carl Gallups (Prediction on next homosexual agenda item)
3. Larry Pinkney - former Black Panther  - now advocate for America!
4. Brandon Big B and Carl Gallups (Obama decree for transgender public school restrooms)

May 6/2016

April 29/2016

Carl and Brandon Gallups SPECIAL Prophecy Show! 2 Hours of Endtime Bible Prophecy Analysis! Is the Endtime Now?

April 22/2016

1-2 Mike Zullo and the Cruz Enigma Pt 1

April 15/2016

1-2 Carl and Brandon Gallups on Gas Lighting, UFO's in Politics and MORE!

April 8/2016

1-2 Mike Zullo on Cruz Eligibility

April 1/2016

1-4 Daniel Estulin - Award winning journalist and Noble Prize nominee talk about his infiltration of the BILDERBERG GROUP! Plus a Special Appearance by Richard Syrett of Coast to Coast Fame!

March 25/2016

1-2 Mike Zullo on Ted Cruz Eligibility "He Can't Just Change the Constitution" 

March 18/2016

1-2 Carl Gallups with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America

March 11/2016

Carl Gallups/Mike Shoesmith/Brandon Gallups on Carl's Arpaio Visit, Trump Endorsement, and Sandy Hook Media Malpractice/Character Assassination Plus a special Cheryl Chumley Teaser!

March 4/2016

1-2 Carl Gallups and Guest Bill Cloud
3-4 Carl Gallups and Mike Shoesmith on HUGE Endorsement for Cruz and SMOKING GUN Cruz Announcement!
5-6 Carl Gallups and Dr Grace Vuoto - Political Analysis
7-8 Carl and Brandon Gallups on Secret Society and Evolution Bombshell!

February 26/2016

1-2 Carl Gallups - Election Headlines and Cruz Citizenship

February 19/2016

1-2 Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo - Cruz eligibility and more

February 12/2016

1-2 Carl and Linda Lanier
February 5/2016

1-2 TOM HORN - transhumanism
3-4 BARRY SOETORO, ESQ - Sandy Hook
5-6 DR. GRACE - Trump. Cruz. Rubio
7-8 BRANDON BIG B and Mike Shoesmith - Prophecy

January 29/2016

1-2 Dr. Laurie Cardoza - Moore BDS movement
3-4 Mike Zullo - Natural born citizen issue
5-6 Dr. Grace Vuoto - Debate Analysis
7-8 Mike Shoesmith - Cat woman, Steven Tyler a Christian?

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