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Friday, December 28, 2012

PPSIMMONS EXCLUSIVE! Sacrificial Lambs for DNC Agenda

By Joda Collins

There are two dangerous intersections near where I live where two major Interstates meet.  Where the north bound lane exits into the east bound traffic is dangerous.  In an average year, five people are killed at that deadly intersection.  However, where the south bound lane that exits into the west bound traffic is much more deadly.  In an "average" year that interchange claims 165 lives; more than 30 times the adjacent interchange. 

In the most recent death accident on the lesser dangerous exit ramp one was killed. That same day, on the most deadly exit ramp, 33 were killed in a massive car pile up, due to fog icy roads. That qualified as the third most deadly single-event crash in US history.

The same evening, the Mayor appeared on television and took to the radio airwaves to decry the death of the one and did not mention the 33 deaths.  The Mayor went on and on with words of empathy for the loss of the one life and demanded that the State government "do something to better ensure that north bound to east bound lane be reconstructed to make it safer, or that a speed limit of 25 miles per hour be imposed on all traffic using that exit."  He even appeared to shed a tear for the one dead driver!  Many of the city people were bewildered that the Mayor had no words of empathy for the families of the 33 who died on the same day in the other incident using the south bound exit.  

Upon investigation, it was discovered that three years earlier the Mayor's grandson was killed on the lesser dangerous exit and it was the Mayor's promise to his family he would have the less dangerous exit reconstructed or the speed limit dramatically reduced.  The Mayor was, in reality, unconcerned about the loss of the one life of the person not related to him that day, but used the death to promote his personal agenda. The tear and empathy for the one dead was no more than an act to push his personal goal for state action regarding that particular north to east section of Interstate exchange.  

Because the deaths of the 33 did not serve his personal goals, the Mayor determined that their deaths were inconsequential.

Now, I admit, the entire story above, is invented.  None of it is reality. I contrived it to make a point.

For every one person who dies in America due to the misuse of a gun, 33 babies are killed by abortionists with some of those babies having their heads cut off (or nearly cut off) as the child exits the womb. 

When one Democrat sheds one tear for the 3,000 plus children aborted every day in America by mad-men and mad-women called "abortion doctors", I will believe Democrats really care about 20 children killed by another kind of mad-man.  When Democrats call for sanctions against abortion, I will believe they care about the protection of life in elementary classrooms.  When Democrats call for legal action against abortion doctors, I will believe they have a sincere heart to stops murderers.  

Until then, I will simply believe what is clearly in front of our eyes visible. The death of 20 children and eight adults at Sandy Hook are nothing more than a convenient current event Democrats use to foster their real agenda; the abolition of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Those 28 are but "sacrificial lambs" for the advancement of the political agenda of the Democratic National Convention.  

Faking emotions of concern for the 28 dead in order to promote the stripping of Americans of our right to self-defense is callous and evidence of wide-spread malignant narcissism. 

Joda Collins is a retired Pastor having served over 30 years in ministry. He is a published author, evangelist, and still does much teaching, preaching, counseling, and pulpit supply work. He currently is the owner of the Joda Collins Driving Academy in Northwest Florida.

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