Zev Porat

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Same agents at Boston as at Sandy Hook? THE THREE STOOGES?

PPSIMMONS: How can it be that the same three men filmed at the Boston bombing are the same three men who were interviewed by the press at the Sandy Hook shooting? How can it be that that they are actually seated in the same order in the interview as we see them running the streets of Boston during the bombing?


  1. http://www.naturalnews.com/038509_sandy_hook_multiple_shooters_police_audio.html

  2. I'm sure this is just another one of those amazing coincidences, right?

  3. your answer lies here:

    google [ dhs + dmort V + hseep + crisis actors + vision box + holder ] (Sandy Hook)

    [ vogt + dunning + john simmons + hseep + rincon + crisis actors ] ( Boston)

    Boston only had 20,000 runners yet had 3 dead and 170 wounded

    Pat Tillman Race had 34,000 runners, no dead, no wounded

    One state is gun friendly, one state is gun hostile. Abel Danger Global Intel is suggesting no AIR TRAVEL to CT NY MA until after 26 May, 2013.

    Field McConnell
    Annapolis '71