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Saturday, February 21, 2015

CASE CLOSED? Review of the Alleged Sandy Hook Hoax

The Gun Grab Roadshow hit a snag at Sandy Hook.

Actors fudged their lines:

Special Effects were low-budget:


And prop guns got switched – forcing the Director to go off-script:

To sell this botched show, the government's marketing arm (TV News) jumped through hoops to explain plot holes.
Prior to the "school shooting," Adam Lanza vanished for years – because he stayed in his room? When outside his room, Adam Lanza could make himself invisible to security cameras?

120-lb autistic weakling Adam massacred 26 people in less than 7 minutes – with Navy Sniper marksmanship (96% kill ratio) – because he had no motive?

As their tall tale collapsed, the government pulled a backup plan favored by third-world governments:  They threatened us.

Lieutenant Paul Vance (supposedly CT State Police; possible DHS Agent) made televised threats during one of his Sandy Hoax press conferences.  Lt Vance told the TV audience that people using Social Media in ways he didn't like could face "prosecution." 

Thus, during the pre-scripted fake shooting attack on the Second Amendment, Lt Vance managed to squeeze in an attack on the First Amendment as well. His message? Express yourselves online as dictated by the government, or you might go to jail.

But citizens weren't the only ones threatened.  After Sandy Hoax, following 6 months of journalists demanding (public record) Death Certificates for the 26 victims, the Newtown Town Clerk couldn't stall any longer.

So CT changed the law, to threaten Town Clerks across CT:  If a town clerk does her job, she gets 5 years in prison. 

That's right. At 2AM, CT crammed through "public record lock-down" laws, and Governor Malloy signed them.  Look them up:  Senate Bill 388. Raised Bill 1054. HB 5733.

They lock down all Death/Birth Certificates, Homicide records, and pediatric autopsy records – across the State of Connecticut. Not just for Sandy Hook – ALL records for the whole State.

So when we ask for (public record) Death Certificates, we notice a Felony (5-year prison term) waiting for any public employee who releases them.  After hundreds of years, CT death certificates are no longer public record.

Let that sink in. Citizens are NO LONGER allowed to know who is murdered in CT; how each murder victim is killed; or which person/organization did the murdering. Those are "privacy issues" now, according to CT Governor Malloy, Wayne Carver, and various public officials.

Those are indeed "privacy" issues – they protect the privacy of organized crime and corrupt officials as they murder people and dispose of the bodies. Want to know why your neighbor was found dead in the woods? Too bad – it's none of your business. If the town clerk shows you the cause of death, that clerk is going to prison for 5 years.

And what happened when these bizarre stunts were exposed by the stunning Sandy Hook Documentary?  Government censors went into overdrive – removing it from the Web.

So, now. Where do things stand, on the "biggest school shooting in US history?"

We've got CNN puppets who can't decide how many guns were used at Sandy Hook; what type(s) of guns were used; where the guns were found.

We've got "journalists" who can't decide how 500 Sandy Hook students vanished; why those kids don't appear on 3 police dash-cams fleeing the parking lot; or why Adam Lanza was invisible to the school security system.

There is ZERO evidence that 500 students fled thru the school parking lot. The only evacuation "proof" is 2 digitally-altered (fake) photographs:

We've got ZERO Death Certificates for the 26 "victims" of Sandy Hook. We've got ZERO autopsy records. Standard information about the vicSIMS (such as DOB) is missing from the Social Security Index, so nobody can confirm if the Sandy Hook victims were even born.

We've got the White House funneling millions of dollars to CT Police for "healing," according to Eric Holder – and it smells like hush money.

We've got public officials – from local police/coroners, to State Police, to Governors, Congressmen, Attorney General and "president" – behaving as if these bizarre events are somehow normal.

We've got a Swiss Diplomat, Veronique Pozner (aka Haller), claiming her son Noah Pozner died at Sandy Hook – before Noah died a SECOND TIME in Pakistan (in another school shooting 2 years later).

Images of Veronique Pozner (Haller) together with Noah Pozner appear to be created in Photoshop:

Many "parents" of Sandy Hook victims are semi-professional actors. To see clips of their horrendous acting gigs, watch the Documentary. Francine Wheeler (purported mother of Ben Wheeler) even moonlighted as a voice actor – supplying voices for Mutant Aliens, a pornographic cartoon. 

Francine's husband, David Wheeler, is also an actor. You can see David Wheeler in the 2001 movie FAITHFUL, shooting himself in the head. Here are (actors) David and Francine Wheeler pushing "gun control" as they deliver the Weekly Address from the White House:

We've got the NRA refusing to investigate why Sandy Hook Elementary's glass entrance seems blown out by a (police shotgun ammo) Breaching Round – instead of the AR 15 used by Adam Lanza to "shoot his way into the building."
We've got the NRA refusing to ask why a shotgun magically "popped up" in Adam Lanza's car trunk AFTER DARK – 9 hours after the 9:34 AM shooting.

We've got nobody asking why Adam's car wasn't registered to Nancy Lanza (as MSM claimed), but was instead registered to an alleged sex offender.

We've got shady operatives deleting the Sandy Hook Documentary off the internet – around the clock – to keep Sandy Hoax going.

We've got Crisis Actor "parents" lobbying to grab guns; end Home Schooling; install video surveillance in classrooms; and diagnose/medicate your kids EARLY, so they can never own a firearm.

All based on Sandy Hoax.

And finally, we've got politicians so panicked they'll be rounded up and jailed, that they've leaped from confiscating guns to confiscating knives.

We could ask the CT State Police "lead investigator" what's going on, but he vanished: 

That's right – William Podgorski (CT State Trooper in charge of the Western District of CT; former DHS) became a Missing Person on 6/17/2014 as folks began asking too many questions. The government claims Podgorski dropped dead from "sudden undisclosed illness" during his Sandy Hook investigation. It seems "dropped dead at 49" is cleaner than "Missing Person," so that's their story and they're sticking to it. Nope, you can't see his Death Certificate.


Wayne Lapierre (NRA) – WHY are you pretending Sandy Hoax was real? NRA has 5 Million members. The government has convinced those members that "the biggest school shooting in US history" occurred at Sandy Hook, involving an AR 15 rifle. That official story is a lie – to push the Gun Grab agenda and disarm American citizens. Why do you refuse to denounce Sandy Hoax? Why don't you at least demand to see the (locked down; vanished; missing) evidence that anyone actually got shot in Newtown on December 14, 2012? 

According to the FBI, there were ZERO MURDERS in Newtown CT during 2012. How does NRA explain these FBI crime figures – which contradict the Sandy Hoax narrative?

CT Governor Malloy – WHY are you pretending 26 people got murdered in a school that was closed 4 years prior? Some officials are intimidated by NSA. Are you one of those?

Governor Malloy, why did you announce on TV that "The lieutenant governor and I have been spoken to – in an attempt that we might be prepared for something like this playing itself out in our State?"  Don't you care that Sandy Hoax is being used to trick the American people into accepting Gun Grab legislation – based on an elaborate lie?

Lt Vance – WHO sent you on TV to make televised threats? WHY do you pretend the "biggest school shooting in US history" happened at Newtown CT? Acting as spokesman for this historic scam is an enormous risk – why are you taking that risk?  Lt Vance, was Sandy Hoax just another one of your Active Shooter drills?

Lt Vance – isn't it odd that your son (J Paul Vance Jr) occupies the position of CT Claims Commissioner, whereby he can block any lawsuit against the State of CT? Without your son's approval, lawsuits against the State of CT cannot proceed. Isn't that a conflict of interest, since you (Vance Sr) are the spokesman for the purported "biggest school shooting in US history" which happened in CT?

Wayne Carver (Medical Examiner) – WHY did you say that Sandy Hook might "come crashing down on people's heads" later? And before the historic massacre, why did you propose that Pediatric Autopsy records be locked down in CT? That seems like an odd priority – unless you had foreknowledge of unusual events.

As for "Obama," among his Fake ID is an SSN allegedly belonging to Harrison Bounel, who died 1 mile from Sandy Hook Elementary.  That stolen SSN might lurk among the buried Newtown CT Death Records.  Was Sandy Hoax staged to lock down those records of Obama's stolen SSN?

Joseph Goebbels said, "Keep repeating the Big Lie. And eventually, they will believe it."  Sandy Hook can't be the only fake shooting. To scare Americans out of their guns takes a bigger, longer push. So, how many other "school shootings" are fake? 

Folks. What are we waiting for?

Are we waiting for Eric Holder?  He's arming drug cartels, Fast and Furiously – while announcing we must "BRAINWASH" adults/kids into rejecting guns:

Are we waiting for Senator McCain? He calls Americans "whacko birds" while he funds and supplies ISIS. With McCain's support, ISIS massacres anyone hindering their Caliphate.

Are we waiting for BATFE? They're banning common M855 rifle ammunition – on orders from criminals posing as "politicians."

Are we waiting for Michael Bloomberg? He's busy scrubbing his announcement that black folks shouldn't own guns. Bloomberg went on the Gun Grab Roadshow with Stephen Barton, victim of the Aurora "Batman movie theater" shooting – who got shot in Colorado after oddly riding his bike 2,000 miles from Newtown CT:

Are we waiting for Obama? We don't even know his legal name. Or birthplace. The most we can tell is Obama dislikes America, loves Islam, and hates guns unless they belong to jihadis or drug lords. 

Theories include Obama being a low-level CIA plant, or a gay prostitute from Jakarta. Ask Joan Rivers.

Either way, the US Government is busy arming everyone EXCEPT American citizens, while trying to take our guns.

They're in a hurry to disarm America before we discover the depth of their corruption.

I'm starting to see why THEY pretend Sandy Hook was real.

But why are WE pretending?

Shocking Facts - Sandy Hook COVERUP  explores the (3) bizarre "public-record lock-down" bills crammed into law after Sandy Hook. We discuss who likely staged Sandy Hook, and WHY they took such a huge risk.  

Sandy Hook Death Records and Obama's SSN  explores connections between Newtown CT and Obama's SSN. Was Obama's SSN stolen from a man who died 1 mile from Sandy Hook Elementary?

Police Couldn't Find Shotgun For 9 Hours  explains how a shotgun magically "popped up" 9 hours after the Sandy Hook shooting.

An Eerie Visit To Sandy Hook  explores (citizen journalist) Barry's trip to the spooky Newtown Mental Hospital, where Harrison Bounel died.  We show you Barry's stunning photos, and discuss what really happened at the historic "Sandy Hook Massacre."

Kitty Werthmann survived the Nazi occupation of Austria. Watch her tell us: "Keep your guns – and buy more guns."


They staged the (fake) "biggest school shooting in US history," but they went low-budget:

Anderson Cooper interviews Veronique Pozner (aka Haller) via Green Screen outside Noah Pozner's FIRST memorial (not to be confused with Noah Pozner's SECOND memorial, after he died again 2 years later in Peshawar, Pakistan):

Alissa Parker, Sandy Hook "mother," attended the Gene Rosen Academy of Drama:

Adults can be paid to lie, but kids are more honest:

The Santa Barbara (Elliot Rodger) "shooting" plays like a student film:

And Lt Vance always gets the last word:


  1. I'd like to see this article CHALLENGED by everyone that reads it because it 'suggests' that Sandy Hook was a hoax. I have personally gone on the internet and found several victims obits. I haven't looked for all of them, but I'll bet you can find most. It's TIME TO PUT THIS TO REST because this can be emotionally damaging to countless individuals no matter which side one chooses to believe or know as fact.

    1. Go ahead and challenge it, which you obviously haven't done! You think some obituaries written on the internet prove anything? They don't, that type of thing can be written by anyone (especially someone who has a vested interest in still pretending this wasn't staged). Like the article says, the TV is still pretending it was real. Let's not pretend anymore even though they won't ever willingly admit it! It won't be put to rest until justice is achieved. It is not emotionally damaging to ANYONE, GET REAL! The facts are as lila stated that this was the most poorly done hoax EVER, and it is that simple fact that we will bring these bastards to face the music! They fucked up, and We're takin' em down! :D

    2. I've posted all of them so perhaps you can contact http://www.legacy.com/ns/ or http://www.newstimes.com/ and ask them if their listing is real or not.

    3. http://www.newstimes.com/local/article/News-Times-recognized-for-Sandy-Hook-story-4457546.php The writers of this story is listed near the bottom and I'm sure you can find a way to contact them and show them your evidence. I'd be interested to know what they tell you.

  2. Id like to challenge YOU to watch the Sandy Hook documentary. Look at the facts of this case b/c you obviously havent if you still think this was real. It's not a matter of just reading something off a website and then believing its true. I am always skeptical of things I read online. In order to fully research something you need to investigate all sides. In this case the proof is so overwhelming it's absolutely undeniable that this was a staged event. This false flag was pulled off so poorly and so obviously that hundreds of investigators have been fascinated with it. Its really amazing that they didn't go to greater lengths to make it believable...it was so sloppily planned and executed. The inconsistencies are glaring and there is absolutely no good explanation for most of it. The only reason the public doesn't know, is b/c their TV hasn't told them. But the truth is out there for anyone who wants to know. Anyone who doubts it obviously hasn't taken the time to even glance at the facts.

  3. SANDY HOOK REALLY HAPPENED __I just heard from someone that knows some of the people involved and it's NOT a hoax. If you're so adamant it's a hoax then you should be rallying for truth and take your 'evidence' to a lawyer and present it in a court of law. If you're so sure then go on a major news network and tell the world on television. You need to think about how saying it was a hoax dishonors victims and their families and friends of Sandy Hook. If you REALLY want the truth then grow a backbone and do something. If you're going to talk the talk then walk the walk. IF Sandy Hook was a hoax then it has created unnecessary emotional harm to millions of people and the truth needs to be told__I'll be waiting to see if anything is done.
    I don't have any problem apologizing if I'm wrong___do you?

    1. Have you witnessed what happens to people who question the official story on the mainstream media? Haven't you seen them insulted and ganged up on by a clearly biased spokespeople of the idea that if it's on television it must be true? Haven't you wondered why certain people are now banned from appearing on these news channels?


  4. So someone went to a lot of trouble to post obituaries for a hoax__for a movie? Why isn't anyone that believes Sandy Hook is a hoax going to senators, congressmen, governors in every state and demanding the truth? Is it because there isn't enough evidence? If there is then what is the hold up?

    Obituaries for Sandy Hook Victims.

    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161771211 Jessica Rekos
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161813590 Grace McDonnell
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161771763 Caroline Previdi
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161791261 Benjamin Andrew Wheeler
    http://www.legacy.com/ns/rachel-d%27avino-obituary/161726440 Rachel D'Avino
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161771594 Dylan Hockley
    http://www.legacy.com/memorial-sites/sandy-hook-school-tragedy/obituary.aspx?pid=161723684 Chase Kowalski
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161773043 James Mattioli
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161791026 Anne Marie Murphy
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161771440 Jack Pinto
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161771326 Noah Pozner
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161797784 Lauren Rousseau
    http://www.legacy.com/ns/mary-sherlach-obituary/161718445 Mary Sherlach
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161773156 Victoria Soto
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161794164 Josephine Gay
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161773846 Charlotte Bacon
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161833886 Emilie Parker
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161773478 Daniel Barden
    http://www.legacy.com/ns/rachel-d%27avino-obituary/161726440 Rachel D'Avino
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161818271 Olivia Rose Ingel
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161841734 Ana Grace Marquez-Green
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/ctpost/obituary.aspx?pid=161773347 Dawn Hochsprung
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161771328 Catherine Hubbard
    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?pid=161794161 Jesse Lewis
    http://www.legacy.com/ns/mary-sherlach-obituary/161718445 Mary Sherlach
    http://www.legacy.com/ns/allison-wyatt-obituary/161726406 Allison Wyatt
    http://www.legacy.com/ns/avielle-richman-obituary/161726376 Avielle Richman
    http://www.legacy.com/memorial-sites/sandy-hook-school-tragedy/obituary-photo-gallery.aspx?pid=161726087 Madeleine Hsu

    http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/unionleader/obituary.aspx?pid=161892063 Nancy Lanza

    Adam Lanza's Obituary not found. Found this which states Adam's death as the December 13th and not 14th.
    Sandy Hook Shooting Research: Adam Lanza Death Certificate says Dec. 13th 2012 NOT 14th (day of shooting) Nancy Lanza's Obituary

    1. Are you calling FBI liars? Their 2012 crime report says no murders happened in Newtown. That's because FBI doesn't want to spend time in prison for falsifying public documents and violating their charter to uphold the law.

      CT added the 5-yr penalty (Felony) for releasing common death certificates because those Sandy Hook death certificates don't exist. To release them, CT would need to forge them. And that is apparently where these criminals and traitors drew the line -- b/c they're not confident they can forge 26 death certificates and still escape justice.

    2. I find it really odd that the legacy website with those obits can pull up those obituraies but when I try to pull up my grandma and grandpa's it goes to ancestry.com instead.

    3. Well look at all those sources you list! All obituaries from one source, www.legacy.com? that's not research. That's just transfer of what they want you to believe. And what about the memorials set-up on Facebook days before the date of the "shooting"? Timestamps are a tricky thing. Someone (several)knew before this (mock) tragedy happened ...days before this poorly acted performance was executed. No pun intended.

    4. Hey Lisa, Obama is sending Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny to your house so you can tell them how Sandy Hoax was true. Come on Americans, lets just put our heads in the sand and let the politicians just do what they know is best for us, and we need to just blindly follow like good little slaves, uh I mean patriots.

    5. Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung Victim of Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting 12/14/12 Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung Victim of Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting 12/14/12 https://www.facebook.com/EmilieParkerFund Remembering Noah Samuel Pozner This is just a few of the victims names on a Facebook memorial so I would sugggest since you're so positive Sandy Hook is a hoax that you contact Facebook and tell them about this alleged false representation on Facebook.

  5. Obituaries are not official death records!

  6. http://abcnews.go.com/US/location-adam-lanzas-body-mass-shooters-unknown/story?id=18100476

  7. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/emails-reveal-adam-lanza-family-illness-gruesome-images-article-1.1310276 "Adam Lanza had been diagnosed with the form of autism known as Asperger’s syndrome, and a sensory perception disorder that prevented him from recognizing pain and caused him to recoil from being physically touched. But only his mother feared he was suffering from the family’s black plague.

    In hundreds of Nancy Lanza’s emails obtained by The News, she said doctors had no explanation for the autoimmune disorder that killed her grandfather in just six weeks.

    Doctors found lesions on her brain in 1999, and Nancy Lanza described her illness as “like living on top of a time bomb.” But she decided not to tell her children."
    Something changed in Adam because you can see it in his eyes. My mom use to tell me that the eyes are the window to your soul. Adams eyes changed from earlier photo's of him to a wild eyed look. This wild eyed look can be the result of intense anxiety levels.

  8. 2 days after this PPSimmons article was posted, look what happens:


    Here's the link. Rough day for the Shills.



  9. I consider myself a slightly above average US citizen and don't believe "Sandy Hook" was a real shooting for several rational and simple reasons: *Every piece of actual evidence is, well, classified!! *the ENTIRE hospital was "locked down" and nobody could enter?! *all the parents who are verified actors and can be positively linked to other tragedies *the shopped official photos * the timing of who and when all the port a potties ordered is fucking classified. That's right, classified *If you compare Sandy hook to a real shooting you will notice a huge difference in updates about wounded/dead people and real eyewitness phone footage always exists.
    Who would actually believe this complete BS??

  10. CT lady tells Newtown Public Safety Board: "SANDY HOOK WAS FAKE" (VIDEO LINK)

    1. The government scrubbed that (video) link, so try this one:


  11. The TRUTH will set you free.Everything out of the government,and the mainscream media all lies,do what they all do and reverse it.Where is the Truth America ? If they get our only Thing that protects US (2nd amendment)against them. We the people will DIE !Wake up We the people have been taken over by inferior entity.Stand on the constitution or fall.The world is watching America.If they see the only so called freedom,or what we the people have left fall.Then Humanity will fall.Remember in the end GOD wins!

  12. Thank you for these articles and video links.I have always thought something was not right about this after watching CNN run that same footage over and over. It just looked like any other day of parents picking up their (alive) kids.

  13. Spanish american war was started because of a lie, vietnam was a lie, afghanistan and iraq from a lie. The list goes on and on. The US govt lies and lies and lies for hundreds of years. What makes anyone think that sandy hook, with no pictures of bloodied kids, ambulances leaving nothing...thats real? Whether some people died or not is unknown. What is known is that it didnt happen like the press stated.