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Monday, February 9, 2015

Trauma Town USA: Monroeville The Next Ferguson?

The tale of Forbes Regional Hospital (Monroeville, PA) gets stranger.

Forbes Regional Hospital began operating as a Level II Trauma Center in October, 2013. 

Six months later, Forbes Hospital treated eight victims (of 21 total) from a bizarre stabbing at nearby Franklin High School.

Who was the doctor in charge?  Dr Chris Kaufmann, MD (Director of Trauma).

You may recall Dr Chris Kaufmann's press conference on that high-profile school stabbing:  VIDEO HERE

At the time, it was noticed that Dr Chris Kaufmann looks oddly similar to the infamous "O-Bot" named Dr Conspiracy:

Dr Conspiracy is the web persona of a top defender of Obama's forged ID. He regularly inserts himself into discussions about Obama's forged Birth Certificate – insisting the forged document is legitimate.

Now, this week (February 2015), we find Dr Chris Kaufmann holding another press conference – about another high-profile episode, making national news.

This time, it's not a bizarre school stabbing – it's a shooting inside Macy's at a nearby shopping mall.  The Monroeville (PA) Mall Shooting happened in the same town as Forbes Hospital.

Afterward, Dr Chris Kaufmann provided this TV update:

Then – the very next day – WTAE reported a "new security program" for the Monroeville Mall, backed by the City of Monroeville.  Are we expected to believe these so-called security measures were developed literally overnight, to be presented the day after the shooting?  Isn't it more likely that this "security plan" was developed well in advance -- yet lacked a high-profile, emotionally-charged event to convince the public to accept it?

News accounts of the Monroeville Macy's shooting sound odd: Two men were exchanging words (about to open fire), when some parent and their 5-year-old child wandered between the combatants, and shots rang out.

On first reading, that sounds like the Aurora "Batman shooting" story that doesn't add up, or the half-baked Sandy Hook storylines. If you're at the mall when two men start fighting, do you casually place your 5-year-old child between the combatants?

Yet such "public danger to children" is what sold the Newtown CT "school massacre" hoax.  So potent is this emotion, that it launched the (Crisis Actor) Newtown parents on a multi-year Gun Grab lobbying tour, aboard Air Force One:

Some are asking: Is the government using what worked before (sensationalized violence where children gather) to sell its new "security lockdown" across American shopping malls?  Consider this:

How many hospitals are there?  Many.
How many national-media-event shootings/stabbings does each hospital handle?  A hospital is lucky if it gets one – they are rare.
How many national-media-event shootings/stabbings has Forbes Regional Hospital handled?  Two in the past 10 months.

Do these 2 data points "prove" something's going on?  Certainly not.  But a third or fourth national-level "school shooting" or "mass stabbing" handled by this same Trauma Center might.

Recently uncovered Forensic Evidence allegedly proves that Sandy Hook was faked.  But that Newtown CT "massacre" wasn't fully disproved until 2 years after the event.  Yet two years later, government and its proxies are still using the pre-scripted Sandy Hoax "Event" to attack the Second Amendment, demonize AR-15 rifles, and attack Home Schooling while pushing video surveillance inside classrooms.

Is a similar scheme lurking in Monroeville?  Well, rather than wait 2 years to uncover an agenda behind Monroeville's spate of high-profile stabbings/shootings, what can we deduce right now?

Historically, we notice a pattern:

Step 1 – Scare the population with a "scary event."
Step 2 – Quickly (before their fear dissipates) introduce new restrictions to protect them from the "threat."

Where have we seen this pattern? After America was attacked by "Osama Bin Laden" from his "cave in Afghanistan,"  let's see what happened:

Airports were militarized, with TSA checkpoints and body searches.
Office Buildings were locked down with tighter checkpoints.
National Guard was deployed inside rail stations and city subways.
DHS was created as a domestic paramilitary force.
NDAA crammed unconstitutional "laws" into place.

But wait, did the government forget about shopping malls?  The public gathers in malls, but malls haven't been militarized yet. In fact, shopping malls are downright "loose." You can walk in, stroll around, and leave – unmolested.

But it appears the Monroeville Mall crisis wasn't wasted.  In "response" to this shooting, new Security Measures were immediately announced – including age restrictions and tightened checks on visitors.  Further details will be "ironed out" with help from the mayor.

As a shopper tells WTAE, nothing will change "Unless you have security at every entrance, and metal detectors."  That sounds extreme, but checkpoints are typical at airports and office buildings, especially after 9/11.  But don't worry, WTAE assures us:  "Shoppers say they're happy to see tighter security."

Indeed, the government already had this "security" plan ready to go, waiting for the right moment.  9/11 was the excuse to permanently "lock down" major transportation hubs – airports, rail stations, subways – with checkpoints and armed security.

Now, having locked down those Urban hubs, is the government shifting its focus to the Suburbs – schools and shopping malls?

We'll know something is amiss if Monroeville transforms into another poorly-written, made-for-TV miniseries, like Ferguson.

Ferguson "Destruction Zone" was planned for redevelopment BEFORE RIOTS EVEN STARTED:

In 2012 (well before the 2014 riots), Saint Louis planned to redevelop the West Florissant Avenue corridor.  But before you can redevelop, you must demolish what is already there:

Ferguson was at least a "twofer" – planned redevelopment, plus racial tension via the "Mike Brown" Media race hoax:

"After a grand jury decided not to indict former Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson, portions of the two cities were looted and burned." Especially along….. West Florissant Avenue (the planned redevelopment zone).

Indeed, the Ferguson chaos appears to be orchestrated and funded by the government – not just funded by George Soros.

Keep your eye on Monroeville, PA.

Especially the Trauma Center at Forbes Regional Hospital.

Soon, we'll know if the circus is in town.

Barry Soetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of Barack Obama.  Barry’s Sandy Hook work was covered by the Washington Post; UK Telegraph; NY Daily News; Salon; MediaMatters; and DailyMail.


  1. MUST SEE documentary on Sandy Hook (Newtown HOAX):

  2. Why not use "FACE RECOGNITION SOFTWARE" and eliminate all doubt!

    1. Photos of "hero teacher" William David Sanders (died in Columbine High School shooting) have ALL been altered in PhotoShop.

      Find them online.

      You cannot find one photo of Sanders that HASN'T been crudely edited. Even the newspaper clippings of Sanders with his family were sloppily changed in PhotoShop.

      Zoom in. You'll see his nose has been disguised and his ears altered. Also, zoom close on his eyes, and glasses.

      The question is WHY would pictures of a "high school teacher/coach" from the 1990's be altered in portraits and newspaper clippings?

      Answer = Those photos of William David Sanders weren't just "nice photos for the Yearbook."

      They were manufactured/altered for a different purpose: So the real person(s) couldn't be identified by Facial Recognition Software....... or by Law Enforcement.

      The 1999 Columbine "massacre" looks like another fake shooting.

  3. All portraits of William David Sanders (hero teacher who died in Columbine High School massacre) are HEAVILY PhotoShopped.

    Why would portraits (and yearbook/newspaper photos) of a high school teacher be altered with PhotoShop?

    Find pictures of William David Sanders (dead Columbine teacher) on the web -- then ZOOM in.

    Look at the eyes, ears, nose, glasses. Also look at his jawline and hair. There's crude retouching work across EVERY picture of Sanders.


    Here's a Photo Comparison to get folks started.

    (Copy/Paste This LINK into your Browser):


    Dr Conspiracy, compared to Dr Chris Kaufmann, and William David Sanders (Columbine dead teacher).

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