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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sandy Hook: Trick or Treason?

Sandy Hook is coming apart like a North Korean Rolex.

But the government doesn't seem to care. The Gun Grab Roadshow is full steam ahead – with a barrage of Fake Shootings. 

The Regime has unlimited funds, dozens of hoax scripts, and dirty operatives (blackmailed? bribed? both?) to scam you out of your guns.

Recently, I spoke with Mike Shoesmith about Sandy Hoax and the Boston Hoaxathon. If you missed our conversation, it's an eye-opener. We cover everything from fake 9/11 survivors to the upcoming (fake) "shopping mall attacks."  We also explore forensic proof that Sandy Hook was staged. 

Sandy Hook UPDATE

The latest Newtown events are beyond ludicrous. See if you can follow this:

After 19 months, a judge finally orders a response to (citizen investigator) Wolfgang Halbig's FOIA requests. But the day before the hearing, it's suddenly canceled because attorney Monte Frank has to "ride a bike for gun control."

Finally, the FOIA hearing happens. Newtown CT "officials" stammer and fail to answer simple questions, making it obvious Sandy Hook is a hoax.

During his bizarre testimony, Newtown Police Chief Kehoe panics and turns purple: 

Chief Kehoe scurries out of there. The night before Hearing #2, Chief Kehoe "retires from his job."

But before Hearing #2 can happen, Newtown Police Officers suddenly GET ARRESTED for "dealing steroids/Oxycodon out of the Police Station." In Operation Juice Box, eight people are arrested including a Police Dispatcher and a Sergeant. Are they arrested because (i) They're guilty of drug dealing, (ii) They're totally innocent but might spill the Sandy Hoax beans, (iii) They participated in Sandy Hoax (Treason) and might squeal, or (iv) They're still playing along with Sandy Hoax, but have sub-par acting skills that won't fly in the next FOIA hearing?

Either way, those arrested officers are removed from the public arena – joining Police Chief Kehoe (retired); CT State Trooper "William Podgorski" (dropped dead at 49); cop "Michael Compare" (killed himself, age 36); and Lieutenant Paul Vance (State Police Spokesman, suddenly demoted to Traffic Division) on the list of "hard to find" witnesses.

Newtown is running out of places to hide its operatives – people are tougher to hide than evidence. Ever wonder why Sandy Hook Elementary and Adam Lanza's house were suddenly bulldozed? Hint: neither place contained DNA/fingerprints of the (fictional) occupants. Anyone sneaking inside with a fingerprint or DNA kit would find zero evidence of boogeyman Adam, or his victims. Solution? Destroy both crime scenes and truck them off – like WTC debris.

So, weeks later, in the second FOIA hearing, (Newtown CT official) Patricia Llodra states on the record that DHS installed the famous "Everyone Must Check In" sign – a stunning admission that DHS participated in Sandy Hoax. That's no shock, since DHS recently admitted staging two years of Fake Shootings In Shopping Malls.  I believe those fake shooting "drills" are the "movie production" for the much-hyped "ISIS Shopping Mall Attacks." Coming Soon, to a TV near you.

But if all that isn't suspicious enough, watch the Governor of Connecticut blatantly lie when confronted with his own Sandy Hook statements. While in town, Wolfgang Halbig shows up at CT Governor Malloy's office.  Watch Governor Malloy lie, denying his own (televised) announcement:

I'm dazzled by Sandy Hoax puppets, as they leap through hoops to grab your guns. It's almost as if they're motivated by fear – not just the joy of a gunless Utopia. But fear of what? Fear of prosecution, for hidden crimes they committed? Fear of exposure for (alleged) "prior bad acts," like Dennis Hastert?

Why Are Officials Lying?
Some speculate that certain politicians and Crisis Actors are recruited because they committed (hidden) crimes. That way, they're under total control by their handlers – who threaten to expose their puppets unless they follow orders. If that theory is true, it means the biggest resume enhancers would be rape and murder. After getting "hired," such a puppet would face two choices: Obey; or get exposed and go to prison.

The threat of long prison sentences for "prior bad acts" might explain why so many politicians and operatives display odd/risky behavior – such as promoting fake shootings on TV.

According to American Thinker, Newtown parent Neil Heslin is allegedly a "felon with a long rap sheet of fraud, substance abuse and reckless behavior."  Heslin is the purported father of Newtown "victim" Jesse Lewis. As a felon, Heslin can't own a gun.  But Heslin "appears to have a new career lobbying against honest citizens having the right to own guns." Ammoland has more coverage of Neil Heslin's (alleged) financial/civil and child support issues.

Did the corrupt DOJ take a break from Mexican gun-running, to cut deals with felons – ensuring their gleeful participation in fake shootings like Sandy Hoax?

Maybe that's why FBI reports "ZERO" murders for Newtown CT (2012). Maybe that's why NO DEATH CERTIFICATES exist for Nancy Lanza, Adam Lanza, or his 26 "victims." I'm not surprised the Regime won't forge 28 Death Certificates – look at the headache they got from forging ONE Hawaii Birth Certificate.

Recently, that theory gained steam when someone discovered that "Sandy Hook Dad" Lenny Pozner's Website Redirects To NSA. At that link, scroll down for screenshots – captured before NSA quickly hid their mistake. Lenny Pozner's son is "Noah Pozner," who dies every two years in different school shootings around the world – on a bizarre "School Massacre World Tour." Noah "died" at Sandy Hook, then "died" again 2 years later in Pakistan.

Oh, I almost forgot. After the third (and final) FOIA hearing, Newtown lawyer Monte Frank was suddenly appointed President of the Connecticut Bar Association. Some believe Monte Frank's sudden career luck was a reward for his role in the Sandy Hoax coverup:

We're In A Race

A few years ago, folks were still asleep. But now, these False Flags smell so bad, folks are waking up. We've reached a new level of awareness – but being aware of Treason doesn't fix the Treason.

So, what's our next step? How do we (i) Stop these fake shootings, and (ii) Hold the scam artists accountable for betraying America?

For many, a major step will be realizing who the real terrorists are. Someone is planning these fake shootings. Someone is funding them. Someone is covering them up. Plus, local and State police are allowing them to continue.

Not to mention the Gun Grab Roadshow actors' troupe.  Are these players threatened under National Security "Capstone Event" directives? Are they blackmailed, using their own prior crimes?

Why are children getting strong-armed on live TV during "Sandy Hook interviews?"

And where's NRA? Are they blackmailed too? How does the "National Rifle Association" pretend they don't notice these fake shootings, targeting the AR15 for extinction?

I don't think the Regime can blackmail the entire population of the USA. I don't think the Regime can openly threaten the population.  Thus, the Regime operates by intimidation – and for the deepest betrayals, by secrecy.

Step 1 is piercing that veil of stealth, to expose the rot.
Step 2 is spreading the word.

But can America wake up before Traitors disarm us?  The Regime has managed to contain the truth about Fake Shootings and Hoaxes – in a "free country" of 300 million people. They've accomplished this via Censorship, Disinformation, and Psychological Warfare:

Since the Regime has the MSM/Web locked down with shills (and NCS suppressing/deleting material), I'm not sure we can awaken 320 million Americans quickly enough by posting articles.

We don't have that much time. We need a game changer.  

I'm open to suggestions.

UPDATE: Newtown Fake 'Sniper' BUSTED!

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Consider sharing these Sandy Hook Memes:

Does this couple look like their child got "murdered" by Adam Lanza?

Here's WHY Police magically found a shotgun in Adam Lanza's car – 9 hours after the (fake) shooting:

Why did Lieutenant Vance take the enormous risk of lying to 300 million Americans about Sandy Hoax? And why did Vance threaten us on TV?

Lieutenant Vance might be next to get "relocated" (aka vanished) by DHS, to join fellow "State Trooper" William Podgorski in Missing Person Land:

Paging NRA – anyone home? The "National Rifle Association" should be renamed the "National Denial Association." Instead of your annual membership dues, consider mailing them a cancellation note with a question: "WHY IS NRA IGNORING GUN-GRAB HOAXES SUCH AS SANDY HOOK?"  (Boogeyman) Adam Lanza didn't "blast his way through the plate glass Sandy Hook school entrance with his AR15." Many believe that Police/DHS staged the attack by firing a (police tactical) 12-gauge breaching round through the window. See the telltale metal powder embedded in the foyer's magazine display rack?

Anyone found those 500 invisible students? They've been missing for 2 years. No big deal:

The Gun Grab Roadshow uses Crisis Actors and fake victims to scam you:

Sick traitors use Nazi-style propaganda – and children – to deceive you. Remember the kids coerced in TV interviews:

Give the Regime a break.  They're planting AR15's as fast as they can:

Noah Pozner's "mother" is Veronique Pozner, aka Haller, aka Vabner. Her first husband was allegedly Reuben Vabner, VP of Royal Bank of Scotland (the alleged 3rd dirtiest bank in the world):

Why does "Nicole Hockley" tour America on Air Force One, lobbying against guns? Isn't it illegal for the President to fly lobbyists around the USA?

We always give Lieutenant Vance the last word:

Barry Soetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of Barack Obama.  Barry’s Sandy Hook work was covered by the Washington Post; UK Telegraph; NY Daily News; Salon; MediaMatters; and DailyMail.


  1. Convene a CONFIDENTIAL conference BY INVITATION ONLY, at an UNDISCLOSED LOCATION of talk show radio hosts, (ALL OF WHOM are ALREADY fearful of retribution), & educate them with talking points & a syllabus. INVITE ARPAIO & his investigators & constitutional scholars besides yourself --Jonathan Turley, Larry Pratt, gun owners of America, Chris Cox, Allan Kors, Wayne laPierre, NRA, Andy McCarthy Sen. Jeff Session, Sen Mike Lee, Sen Tom Cotton, Ron Paul, Trey Gowdy, Richard Gage, DAVID HOROWITZ REV. MANNING Wayne Madsen Glenn Greenwald, Jack CASHILL Stephen Pidgeon Jim Fetzer Wolfgang Habib Paul,Craig Roberts, Joel Skousen William BINNEY, STEVE Pieczenik Tom Drake Tosh Plumlee etc.
    (All patriotic risk takers & whistleblowers)








    Have them host 24/7 MARATHON programs for a full week with guests & callers.


    Jam the radio airwaves with a mass CIVICS education.all day & all night...live stream online to galvanize the public (excluding cable TV channel personnel)

    "Obama"'s goons in the West wing will attempt to preempt Clear Channel, Cumulus talk radio network, blog talk radio, GCN, Premiere/I heart radio Sirius, Tune-in, USA Radio network, Westinghouse & all the other networks. It is up to a savvy radio men to agree to preempt regular programming.

    Paul Revere only had a horse. We have radio streaming.

  2. MSM hyped the Michael Hastings "death by car exploding," then MSM kept interviewing "tech experts" who claimed CIA can hack into your automobile and "crash it" or cause it to "catch fire."

    They did this to scare people into silence, because censoring 300 million people all day is an impossible job. CIA's solution is getting you to Self Censor. To do that, they use fear.

    The whole Michael Hastings stunt was another Psyop. The message was "Don't write stories about CIA, or YOU might get car bombed by CIA just like Hastings."

    The Michael Hastings PSYOP is probably based on the Alexander Litvinenko PSYOP. He was the guy who kept criticizing Putin in the newspapers until he got invited to afternoon tea and poisoned with radioactive Polonium.

    Litvinenko died a slow death with 24/7 MSM coverage of him laying in his hospital bed.

    The message was "Don't criticize Putin, or else you might end up dead, just like Litvinenko."

    Turns out Litvinenko was an FSB agent and the whole thing was FAKE. When CIA noticed this song and dance, they couldn't resist pulling the same crap on Americans (using Michael Hastings).

  3. As always, I am SO proud of you BSE. You are disclosing the truth. Even though you don't like the identifier, YOU are a Patriot to Me.
    Keep making us aware of the truth.

  4. Wolfgang Halbig is taking the Sandy Hook fight into CT Superior Court. Watch (Newtown Police Chief) KEHOE assault an INFOWARS correspondent, leaving CT Superior Court (VIDEO):


  5. Nice article. Much painful truth explained clearly for all.

    We are being criminally lied to and defrauded in a million ways and have been for a very long time.

    Studying Sandy Hook Hoax has given new insights to my study of 9-11. They were perpetrating Sandy Hook tricks before, during and after 9-11 and still are to this day.

  6. The Sandy Hook kind of tricks were being played during 9-11 hoax as well.

    We see the fraud everywhere.

    Now that I see all the "false flag" events and see how it ys possible that so many people choose do keep quiet about the truth they know, I really do not want to hear one word from any lying purchased politicians speaking for themselves for our next fraudulent voting days.

    Just please keep all discussion about these lying purchased politicos. I cannot see much difference between them and the mass murderers who own them.

  7. I think the only way we can wake up the masses is by an undercover video w someone who thinks they're talking to a fellow fraud, like what happened w ACORN & Planned Parenthood. It's gonna take a mole that grows a conscience & is willing to be "wired" w a micro camera, then leave the country & live w a new identity.

  8. I hate to say this but the"dark matter" in this affair points directly to the Masonic Order. There is so much treason going on it make my mind spin. I spent 17 years in the US military. 7 years Army Armor recovery Desert Storm and 10 years as a Navy Deep-sea Diver where 40% of my work was gassing humans (hyperbaric medicine), I testify to you that no Humans were gassed for there was no gas chambers in Germany during WWII. The only gas chamber for killing humans was in the United States. The Masons call all the shots and the European Jewish (converts) Order is a small minority. They cannot operate in a vacuum. The Masons killed Kennedy (George Bush Sr. was a SHOOT TEAM LEADER from the rear in the building to the right of the book depository building, though the kill shot was from the rear as the secret film reveled, https://youtu.be/kq1PbgeBoQ4

    The Masonic Order in my view makes up 20% of your devotee church members (doesn't matter which sect), 80% of your senior government members at the local, State and Federal decision maker level and if you boil this down to the top .01% you will find the string pullers of the 9/11 massacre.

    The Order now sits as the Pope. This Order is higher then your religion. You may even sit next to one. I almost became one. I was able to reverse engineer the 9/11 nightmare and I must say I never questioned my government until I looked into Sandy Hook. This changed my life, for the better no matter if it gets cut short. I should have died many of times in the military that was really waging evil all along the globe. I took an oath to defend the United States against ALL enemies foreign and Domestic.

    1. We all have been duped by our own treasonous terrorist government

  9. How was this a hoax when I was there with bodies arriving at my job?! I'm security supervisor at the hospital 10min from sandy.