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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Obamas: Fake CIA Family?

Did CIA create the Obamas?

We know Obama uses Fake ID, and grew up in Indonesia. But when we delve into his past, we get stuck. Is that because Obama is a typical CIA agent, installed to babysit us while we get robbed (via TPP) and disarmed (via Fake Shootings)?

Could this fake CIA family explain why Michelle can't remember her own wedding? Watch Michelle FORGET what year she got married:

Also, many feel Sandy Hook – and 9/11 – were faked. Nobody wants to be President when folks wake up and freak out about those historic LIES – since the President could get charged with Treason. Solution? CIA could install a TEMPORARY President, then vanish him back to Indonesia when folks wake up. CIA could pretend Obama “died” or Air Force One “crashed.” Did CIA choose Obama because he’s NOT FROM HERE – because he hates America, and he’s eager to get “vanished” back to Indonesia?

To explore this (CIA family) theory, listen to our interview (above). To see Obama’s FAKE family photos, visit the FULL ARTICLE:  Obama: The Ultimate Temp

Think about it. What group has the power to install a “President” with forged ID and a bogus family?

Many feel 9/11 was a lie. Strange fires destroyed 9/11 evidence at Shanksville, PA:

At Shanksville, why didn’t Flight 93 leave any wreckage?

Perhaps the Regime’s crimes got too big to hide – so they installed “Obama” as a temporary puppet and scapegoat. When the 9/11 truth comes out, will CIA let Obama rot in prison (spilling the beans on TV), or will the Regime vanish Obama back where he came from?

9/11 Staged? [VIDEO]

Sandy Hook Death Records and Obama's SSN explores connections between Newtown CT and Obama's SSN. Was Obama's Social Security Number assigned by CIA – or stolen from a man who died 1 mile from Sandy Hook Elementary?

To discover WHO Obama is, let’s begin with WHY he was installed.

Enjoy My Recent Columns:

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DHS Admits: Staged Shootings In Malls  explores fake events sold to the public as "real." With Sandy Hoax "parents" strong-arming kids on TV, the government is desperate to keep you fooled until they've grabbed your guns.

Hollywood hypocrites help Obama disarm you:

Was 9/11 faked, using Crisis Actors? Tania Head (fake 9/11 survivor) gets exposed in the NETFLIX documentary, “The Woman Who Wasn’t There.

Was Obama installed to keep us distracted while the Regime breaks up the USA (via TPP)?

Sandy Hook Elementary “school evacuation” was FAKED in Photoshop. Here’s the “silver bullet” photograph, to wake up your friends. WHO ARE YOU TELLING TODAY?

It looks like Obama was installed to keep the lid on 9/11. Fake Shootings (eg. Sandy Hook) seek to disarm us before we awaken and toss Traitors in jail:

Barry Soetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of Barack Obama.  Barry’s Sandy Hook work was covered by the Washington Post; UK Telegraph; NY Daily News; Salon; MediaMatters; and DailyMail.


  1. Is this the reason the establishment is trying to hard to get rid of Trump, because they know he won't play along with their fraud?



    Sandy Hook FALSE FLAG.