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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bloomberg Felons Push Fake Shootings - Aurora & Marysville Hoax? (VIDEO)

Michael Bloomberg's gun-grab groups include MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal Guns). MAIG members include convicted FELON mayors. These criminals push fake shootings (gun hoaxes) to grab your guns:

In the name of “gun control,” Bloomberg’s pack of criminal mayors promote fake shootings and sneak gun-grab laws onto the ballot. Sadly, many of Bloomberg’s mayors are convicted felons:

50 mayors fled MAIG upon realizing Bloomberg's favorite shootings are fake. Or perhaps they fled because MAIG members started going to jail. That's right – MAIG Mayors were convicted of extortion, covering up homicides, and sexual assaults on children:

To see rap sheets of Bloomberg's henchmen (MAIG Mayors), see this handy chart. Then, follow this link and click their names: MAIG (BLOOMBERG GROUP) CRIMINAL MAYORS

MAIG crooks use Fake Shootings to pose as saviors – "protecting" us by grabbing guns. But why do MAIG Mayors risk Treason charges? Is their reward cash, or silence about prior “bad acts?" Some believe MAIG henchmen are blackmailed – with additional, hidden crimes they’ve committed. As convicts subverting the Second Amendment, MAIG may qualify as a RICO organization.

Marysville, WA

Michael Bloomberg is the "pied piper" of false flags. Before the Marysville (WA) shooting hoax, Bloomberg and Bill Gates "Spent $8 million to make sure Washington's controversial gun control bill, Initiative 594, [would] appear on the state's November ballot and that voters [would] be flooded with anti-gun propaganda in the lead up."

And how did they convince voters to vote for their gun-grab “law?” They terrorized voters with the Marysville “school shooting” hoax – 11 days before the 2014 Midterm Election. That’s right – Washington State voters got clobbered by the horrific "Marysville gun tragedy" 11 days before voting on Bloomberg’s gun-grab scheme:

Many feel the Marysville "shooting" was State Terror. Its (i) Location (Washington State) and (ii) Schedule (eleven days before 2014 Midterms) seem carefully chosen to cram Initiative 594 into law by terrorizing the public. That would be Soviet tactics – by Traitors.

Meanwhile, NRA sits silent – while you get disarmed:

Bloomberg’s other front groups include Everytown For Gun Safety. Bloomberg fed $764,000 through Everytown to purchase an Oregon background-check law:

Bloomberg’s funding is vast; his schemes are endless. His new strategy is “buying” gun control by cramming gun laws onto State ballots across the USA. Another Bloomberg gun-scam group is Moms Demand Action:

Aurora, IL

Bloomberg’s favorite gun hoax was Aurora (CO). The official Aurora story is ludicrous. Stephen Barton “rode his bike 2,000 miles from Newtown CT to Aurora CO, only to get shot inside the movie theater while watching Batman.”

What luck. Stephen Barton rides a bicycle 2,000 miles from his hometown (Newtown, the site of America’s biggest school shooting), only to land in the middle of another mass shooting 2,000 miles from home!

After Aurora, Stephen Barton promptly joins Bloomberg on the Gun Grab Roadshow to subvert the 2nd Amendment:

As Felons, Mike Bloomberg’s henchmen cannot own guns. So they’re touring the USA trying to take away YOUR gun rights – by promoting fake shootings like the fake Batman shooting in Aurora Colorado:

The victims of these False Flags are crisis actors – and their stories don’t add up. I cover Stephen Barton’s bogus story here (Audio).

Sandy Hook, CT

But the biggest fake shooting is Sandy Hook – finally exposed in this smoking gun footage:

Stop the Gun Grab Roadshow – tell a friend!

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