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Friday, September 1, 2017


The change in this Israeli Sanhedrin law regarding marriage is very complex to unpack for most western minds, as it is very foreign to the marriage and legal rights processes in America. The upshot of it is that the law is a direct attack by the deeply orthodox religious leaders in Israel, allegedly designed to expunge the nation of as many Jews as possible who are now claiming they are Christian. This new law apparently will cause Messianic Jews wishing to be married to jump through mountains of red tape, huge expenses, and years of waiting for many national rights to be restored - if they are ever actually restored.

This process makes for an interesting and unprecedented prophetic mix. At the same time that record numbers of Jews around the world, and especially in Israel, are turning to Yeshua/Jesus as Messiah there is a direct targeting of those Messianic Jews in attempt to keep them from acknowledging Jesus Christ as Messiah, and even more significantly - to renounce their new found faith in Yeshua entirely.
Jesus warned His disciples, as He was standing in Jerusalem, that in the very last days His disciples would undergo intense persecution for His name's sake. He warned them about their closest friends and, perhaps, even family members turning against them and "delivering them up to the authorities." Some who are watching this new wave of targeting Israeli Jewish believers in Yeshua, see it as at least the beginning of such targeted persecution inside the prophetically revenant nation of Israel.
As Israel approaches its 70th anniversary of rebirth, this latest Sanhedrin move indeed appears to carry ominously prophetic overtones. The vitriolic loathing for all things "Christian" among the most orthodox of Jews is reminiscent of the days of Jesus and the early Church in the first century. Messianics in Israel report of "secret reading rooms" where Jews are furtively coming to these places to find literature, movies, and materials proving that Jesus/Yeshua is indeed Messiah. The orthodox "watchers" are aware of the movement and are panicking, according to some.
So, after years of working with Israeli insiders to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ within Israel, during in these prophetic times, such a drastic law comes as little surprise to me.
I too have been directly targeted my some of these anti-messianic movements ever since I dared to expose the startling story of the highly venerated Israeli rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri in my book The Rabbi Who Found Messiah. That book was also made into a documentary movie, and both the book and the movie have gone deep inside Israel - even into the hands of some very important Israeli government officials.
I believe we are living in the most prophetic times since the first coming of Jesus Christ. Several very important biblical prophecies are beginning to converge at lightning speed. It appears this latest move by the Israeli Sanhedrin has just sped up the process.
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